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AMOR FATI is a brand of jewelry created by artist Tegan.

Graduated from Arts et Métiers in Brussels, Tegan is also a sculptor that has built over the years a work exploring the sensuality of women, in stylized and iconic representations such as female cats, bronze superheroes.

Jeweler on the other hand, she masters the techniques

of sculpture and lost wax casting.

In twenty years of creations, she has asserted her style

and offers a collection of jewelry with character.

Tegan, sculptor

Confirmed Belgian artist, Tegan shapes small graceful bronzes with refined patinas. An ode to femininity with docile curves, awakening the senses of collectors and inviting them to discover a vision of the blooming woman, captivating and free, in various harmonious poses.

Represented by

Galerie g3 art contemporain
Galerie Lanckvrindt
Galerie en ligne Artsper


Certified craftsman

Precious and semi-precious stones

Hallmarked precious metals

925 sterling silver
24 karat gold


Secured payments

Custom jewelry creations upon request


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